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Please answer the following.  None of this information will be tied to you personally, it is used to help understand our general audience and communicate our user profile with partners.  If you have questions about this survey or its use, please send email to

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What is your gender?
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How long have you been using the internet?
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How often do you normally use the internet?

When did you last use the internet to shop for information about a product?
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Last 3 months
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When did you last purchase a product online?

This week
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Last 3 months
Last 6 months
Last 12 months
What is the highest level of education you completed?
None/Current Student
High School
Some College
Associates Degree
Bachelors Degree
Post Graduate Degree
What is your total annual household income?
< 25,000
25,000 to 49,999
50,000 to 74,999
75,000 to 99,999
100,000 to 149,000
> 150,000
What is your age?
Under 18
18 to 24
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55 or Over
What specifically are you looking for on the internet today?
What is your Zip Code (US)?
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